Grizzly Viewing  

 "The Best Grizzly Viewing in British Columbia's Interior"

    In the three days of this trip, you will be immersed in the tremendously diverse tapestry that is the natural world, not only emphasizing grizzly bears, but all manner of mammals, birds, flora and fauna.

Your trip begins at Quesnel lake, the deepest fiord lake in the world, which offers a unique ecosystem encompassing the ancient old growth forest and hidden valleys of the Cariboo Mountains. Quesnel Lake's aquatic system is connected to many rivers and streams that are the spawning ground for the largest sockeye salmon run in the world. This in turn supports one of the largest grizzly bear populations in the province.

The Horsefly, Mitchell, Niagara, and Blue lead are just some of the 38 streams and rivers whose watersheds drain into Quesnel Lake. Embarking on our 21 foot cabin cruiser, the "Grizzly Spirit", we enjoy freedom of movement and spectacular scenery along several hundred miles of lakeshore.

Spring time is the ideal time for viewing interior grizzly bears as they gather on the avalanche slopes of our rugged mountains during the mating season. We also offer summertime adventure viewing trips on horseback and fall viewing along the shorelines and river estuaries where the salmon congregate for spawning.

Our licensed guides bring a lifetime of experience exploring, pioneering and studying the natural history of the Cariboo Mountains. Our Quesnel Lake accommodations allow you to enjoy the pristine elements of the wilderness without sacrificing the comforts of home. Daily boat tour adventures take us across Quesnel Lake for exciting multi-hour viewing stints combined with natural history and cultural interpretation.

Available Dates:
Three Day Trips Four Day Trips
May: 17th - 19th May: 20th - 23rd
May: 30th - June 1 June: 2nd -5th
June: 7th -9th June: 10th -13th

2006 Rates:

  3 days - $1195.00 per person

4 days - $1550.00 per person


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  Minimum of 4 people to a maximum of 6 people per expedition.

Prices quoted are in Canadian funds and include: All meals, accommodation, boat, vehicle transportation and guides.

Airport pick-up is available, however, not included in these prices.